About the blog

I can be contacted on helen.blackman@workmail.com

 I started this blog back in January 2011 when I realised how much I needed a creative outlet of some kind.

 I had plans to blog twice a week, failing to realise that my own brand of perfectionism, plus work and horse owning, would effectively prevent that. Often I blog when I need a bit of a rant, but I try to keep it funny.

Sometimes it’s a TV review. Often it’s about horses. Or something that caught my eye in the news. Whatever it is, it tends to combine a certain amount of wishful thinking that human beings should be nice enough to live in socialist harmony, with a deeply felt cynicism that the b*ggers don’t deserve it. Recently I’ve gone freelance, which gives me more time to write.  I aim to make my recent defence of dressage the first of many articles!

 Enjoy. And if you want me to write for you, contact me.


3 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. “I also asked them to suggest that lone men stay in whilst I go out”

    I once got my nose broken on the Tube for making this point to a man who was aggressively harassing two women with the argument that they shouldn’t be out late without a man. It’s clearly a sensitive issue among some sectors of the community.

  2. Hi there. The next one might not be that funny! I’m thinking of doing something about how to overtake horses, especially if you’re on a bike. Riders often think that horses are frightened of bikes. Personally I think the riders are scared and they frighten the horses. But anyway. Thanks for the follow.

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