Credit where credit’s due

It needs someone pretty special to take a workable majority, show the fixed term parliament act up for the chocolate teapot it always was, call a snap election, call for strength and stability, and end up with a hung parliament. In the process almost losing a home secretary who you comprehensively dumped on during the campaigning, rendering the term “running  through a field of wheat” a metaphor for, well I’m not quite sure what really but if you think it’s naughty it shows how out of touch with reality and most people you actually are. If the aim was to gain a mandate for Brexit, you had it you weapon’s grade wank badger. I mean parliament voted to trigger A50, or did you sleep through that bit? You’re now reliant on the DUP, who I don’t think actually like you very much, to form any kind of workable majority. And that’s only if your own MPs agree with you, and I’m not sure they like you all that much either.

Well done Mrs May. As for resigning? Well I guess since you made this mess, you might as well live with it. God knows the rest of us have to.


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